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Access to college is about so much more than earning a college degree. It is a path towards realizing one’s aspirations and creating healthy, thriving communities. For more than 30 years, we have been impacting lives in real and measurable ways, because we know when one student succeeds, we all succeed. Take a look at the latest achievements we are celebrating.

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Karol Querido was selected as an honored speaker for her Milton Academy graduation ceremony. Her address centered on the value of vulnerability in self-fulfillment: as she said, “Our strength is in our weakness.” She was honored with the Gorham Palfrey Faucon Prize, awarded to students who exhibit outstanding achievement, curiosity, and respect for others in their studies of history and social sciences. Karol has enrolled at Harvard University with majors in Classics and African American studies.


of Scholars graduate from high school.


of Scholars enroll in a four-year college.


earn a four-year college degree within six years.
Scholar Spotlight

Idiris Egal ’15

Steppingstone Scholar Idiris Egal, a second-year student at Duke University, has a list of accomplishments in the world of political advocacy and politics longer than many people twice his age. With election season in full swing, it's only fitting we highlight Idiris’ path and gather his sage advice on how to get involved in political advocacy. He credits education, mentorship, and his Steppingstone community with leading to a variety of path-changing opportunities—the most recent of which brought him to Ed Markey’s office on Capitol Hill this past summer. 
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“I hope in any aspect of the millions of paths I could choose [in ten years], that I’m giving back to the community in any way possible. That’s always a big thing for me. I just know there’s a lot of people with so much potential and they just need someone to help them there…I hope I can put that spark into someone else.”
—Berline Thermidor, UMass Boston

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