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Mission & Impact

Steppingstone envisions a more just and equitable world where all students can actualize the life-transforming benefits of a college degree.
A Scholar with flowy, dark hair buries her nose in a chapter book.
Staff member sits at the end of long picnic table behind a silver laptop looking inquisitively at Scholars seated next to her.

Our Mission

Steppingstone prepares students from historically marginalized communities to access, navigate, and graduate from college.
  • In Boston, we provide academic, social-emotional, and college readiness programming from as early as fifth grade and continuing through college graduation.
  • Nationally, we connect the people, practices, and innovations essential for eliminating barriers to college and career success.

Our Impact

At Steppingstone, we invest in futures. We work to eliminate barriers and close equity gaps in education to positively impact Scholars, their families, and our larger community. With over 30 years of experience serving nearly 1,400 Scholars each year, our results are proven.

The Need

In Boston, the vast majority of public school students never earn a bachelor’s degree.

In the United States, the jobs of the future will likely be concentrated in high-wage fields (such as healthcare, engineering, mathematics, science, and technology), which typically require employees to have college degrees. In addition, college graduates are less likely to be unemployed than high school graduates.

Steppingstone’s work has never been more urgent and more important.

We provide college-access programs to families who dream of college for their children, but face serious obstacles. It’s our job to help students navigate barriers on the way to fulfilling their aspirations.


Current data shows that only 37% of BPS graduates enrolled in a four-year college in 2021, and historically, only about half of BPS high school graduates have enrolled in and completed a postsecondary credential (including non-degree certificates) within six years of high school graduation. Each year, thousands of students in Boston are left behind.
Scholar with his bright red Steppingstone hoodie covering his hair smiles mischievously.
Three happy Steppingstone scholars sit around their teacher reading them a book .
A Scholar and staff member sit chatting on a bench outside of an academic building.

The Results

Steppingstone continues to demonstrate high rates of high school and college completion among the students we serve.* Since 1990:


of Scholars graduate from high school.


of Scholars enroll in a four-year college.


earn a four-year college degree within six years.
*Steppingstone has information for 93% of Scholars who have completed the academic component and are old enough to have graduated from high school.

**BPS data includes graduates of the three public exam schools, who tend to enroll at and graduate from four-year colleges at a much higher rate than other public schools.

For more than 30 years, Steppingstone has provided Scholars with an environment that pairs high expectations with meaningful support. While Scholars’ accomplishments are diverse, they all share a love of learning, a commitment to education, and the knowledge that they can rise to any challenge with confidence in their own abilities to succeed.

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