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Once Scholars graduate from college, they become Alumni and join a network of more than 1,000 young professionals. They may travel far from the places where they began as 10-year-olds, but they never leave the Steppingstone community. The relationships forged—with teachers, Advisors, and other Scholars—last a lifetime. And many Alumni find ways to give back and stay connected, to each other as well as to the organization that set them on the path to college success. They serve as mentors, volunteers, donors, ambassadors, and board members. They lead by example, inspiring and sustaining the next generation.
Three scholars, one piggy-backed on another and the other aside them, flash big smiles.

Bassil Bacare ’08

A graduate of The Park School, Roxbury Latin, and Trinity College with a B.S. in neuroscience and a minor in philosophy, Bassil Bacare ’08 created a nonprofit called The Healing Project. As the founder, Bassil laid the groundwork by personally recruiting philanthropists, medical students, and physicians to build this organization, which now actively has over 20 members across the East Coast. He was named a 2022 Fellow of the New Leaders Council (NLC). He says, “Being part of NLC is a crucial feat towards making meaningful and sizable changes in our communities. I look forward to collaborating with the other fellows to become the leaders we aspire to be.”


colleges and universities across the country have Scholar graduates.


alumni now serve as members of Steppingstone’s boards and staff, with four Alumni on the Board of Directors.
Alumni Spotlight

Merry Chin ’05

“My mission in life is to really improve educational equity across…everything. There’s a lot of work to be done; there are unlimited ways to build solutions for this space.”
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Alumni Spotlight

Shihua Wu ’10

In 2020, fresh from Boston College with a degree in marketing and finance, Shihua Wu ’10 dove fearlessly into the world of start-ups. Now with a life in New York and an established career at Silicon Valley Bank, Shihua makes time for Steppingstone as an Alumnus, volunteering and eagerly connecting with Scholars of today.
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Alumni Spotlight

Makeda Daniel ’09

Makeda Daniel ’09 is in a unique position within our community. She has more than 10 years of Steppingstone memories, and from myriad perspectives: as a Scholar, a peer leader, a teaching assistant, an Alumna, an Advisor. Now, as Manager of Alumni Relations, she builds community around the stories of many, with palpable enthusiasm.
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“One person going the extra mile can change your life. My fifth-grade teacher recommended me to Steppingstone. And that was literally the stepping-stone to everything else, including law school.”
— Angie Isaza-Loaiza ’06

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Join the community of Steppingstone Alumni! Share memories with us on Instagram. Expand your network and explore opportunities on our LinkedIn group for Alumni and College Scholars. Or, take your involvement to the next level:
  • Ask about joining the Alumni Council or one of Steppingstone’s boards
  • Volunteer and mentor current Scholars
  • Explore our current career opportunities
  • Make a gift to support the next generation of Scholars
For more information on how to get involved as an Alum, contact Makeda Daniel at 857-201-0523 or mdaniel@steppingstone.org.
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