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Steppingstone Scholars Program Overview

As a Scholar once said, Steppingstone is “opportunity and ownership.”  With persistence and hard work, Scholars truly own their success as we support their goals on a journey of 12+ years from fifth grade through college. Our holistic approach prioritizes social-emotional wellbeing alongside academic excellence to help Scholars achieve the future they seek.
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The Steppingstone Advantage

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Academic Preparation

Strong academic preparation in middle school builds an important foundation for college success. At Steppingstone, fifth and sixth grade Scholars engage in Steppingstone’s robust academic curriculum each summer and after school. With core academic subjects that include math, English, science, Latin, and social studies, Scholars accelerate academically and prepare to gain admission to schools that lead to college.

Social-Emotional Support

Mental health. Identity and belonging. Self advocacy, communication, and conflict resolution. These are all essential aspects of how we navigate school and life. Steppingstone offers a holistic support system for Scholars of all ages with social-emotional programming developed by our on-staff counselors, starting with a dedicated curriculum from as early as fifth grade. We maintain a restorative culture, working together within a community based on common agreements and the core values that support healthy relationships. As Scholars grow older, our focus shifts to meet the unique needs of each age group all the way through college.

Advising & School Choice

What is a right-fit school? There are many different kinds of schools with different educational philosophies, and the right fit may look different for everyone. At Steppingstone, every Scholar works with an Advisor who monitors their academic and developmental growth, and also guides them and their family through the school choice process. That process includes identifying, applying to, and choosing a school that will lead to college. From campus tours to financial aid applications, we’re right by your side. Once you enroll in your chosen school, Advisors continue to partner with you and your family to make the most of your experience through graduation.
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Grades 4–5: Apply
Grades 5–6: The Academy
Grades 7–9: Middle School Success
Grades 10–12: High School Success
Grades 13+: College Success

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Steppingstone’s summer program participates in the Summer Food Service Program. Meals are provided to all children enrolled in the Steppingstone Scholars Program free of charge. Learn more

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